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حد يقول حاجه..

Omar Adel

A new look..

قفلت كل حاجه وطفيت النور وقفلت باب الاوضه عليا ومشغل Medieval music..

عايز اهرب..

تفتكروا فى حاجة صح؟

The Real Omar Adel

Anonymous: Honestly, i don't know. i just pictured myself running to you and speaking my shit out to you ,i pictured the way you'd have given me that look before saying 'Kossom el-kawkab'

Kosom el nas el kawkab 7lw..

alostheliumballoon: i couldn't just close your playlist, It's Beautiful.

Thank you :)

pianouran: Hey there! Are you Amr Adel's brother?

Sorry, but no :)